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Explore the world of the professional accountant and take your first step toward an incredible new career. Take control of your future today with a high quality distance learning course from Oxford Home Study College. Financial accounting is roughly defined as the practices and processes by which financial transactions are recorded, monitored, analysed and managed. Professional accountants play a direct role in the financial performance and efficiency of the organisations and individuals they work for. Accountants take charge of all key financial matters, including revenue analysis, profit and loss management, debts, credits and all business expenses.

Along with ensuring that the business meets all essential tax obligations, accountants are also directly involved in minimising expenditure, maximising income and bolstering profitability.

Business Management and Accounting and Finance

Our distance learning programs are developed in conjunction with leading academics and industry veterans, in order to guarantee superior content without exception. Whether looking to climb the career ladder or start out in an entirely new direction, a world-class distance learning opportunity could significantly enhance your prospects. We also offer some courses for absolutely free. Oxford Home Study offers some free certificate courses in Accounting and Finance.

Explore now on our website. As a subject, accounting and finance is important for the simple reason that it plays a significant role at the core of every organisation. Across public and private sectors alike, including non-profit outfits, it is impossible to operate without operational finances. Any business that relies on money to get by is dependent on the services of accountancy professionals.

Just as the strongest accountancy can have a highly positive impact on business performance, poor accountancy can lead to heavy losses, prosecution or even the collapse of the business. These days, companies of all shapes and sizes are scrutinised like never before with regard to their financial activities.

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It is for this reason that qualified and capable accountancy professionals are in extremely high demand across almost every contemporary sector. A career in professional accountancy can be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding, though must be built upon a solid educational foundation. Even if your numeracy skills are already outstanding, there is a great deal of highly-specific theory which must be studied in-depth. His debt market research investigates the pricing and the role of accounting information in secondary debt markets.

He covers issues on contracting in the syndicated loan market and public debt market, bond analyst and rating agency disclosures, collateralised loan obligations and private debt funds. His work on private equity includes work on limited partners' private equity allocations, private equity valuation and performance measurement, private equity secondaries and aspects of risk management.

The book has been endorsed by leading figures in the private equity industry. His work has also been published in leading academic journals and he has been invited to present at workshops and conferences around the world. Active research. Rigorous training in contemporary accounting topics. How far can you take your accounting expertise? This course is about evaluating the quality of financial information and using the information to reveal the economics of firms.

A significant element in the course is analyzing the financial statements of a major bank. These are core skills for equity and credit analysis, in investments, and investment banking and advisory work. The course is designed for anyone planning a career in which they will have to evaluate or make decisions based on financial data. The course is particularly suitable for financial analysts, bankers, investment bankers, security analysts, institutional investors, and consultants.

Students from all programs are welcome as long as they have some accounting background in addition to the core course. Financial communication is what firms use to communicate about the firm, its activities, and its priorities with various stakeholders. Although its primary audience is capital providers and the intermediaries that support these capital providers, employees, customers, and competitors as well as governments are also informed via financial communication. In this course, we will cover various communication channels managers can use to inform its stakeholders and the role of the information intermediaries in the financial communication process.

With the advance of new communication channels such as the use of social media by corporations in addition to the continued scrutiny on regular communication channels such as earnings announcements and conference calls, investor relations and corporate communications is an important function. This course will provide a framework for identifying digital companies and assessing their potential values. It will highlight why digital companies are fundamentally different both operationally as well as financially.

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Students will analyse opportunities for digital companies as well as discuss the significant risks facing such companies. The course will illustrate the key financial reporting considerations of digital investing, and students will learn where to find key financial reporting disclosures for digital companies and how they vary between types of digital companies. Leading executives and analysts will provide their insights into where the digital space is going. The course will cover the financial reporting implications of consolidations, joint ventures, leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations, spin-offs, carve-outs, and special purpose entities.

The complexity of these issues has resulted in companies pushing the reporting envelope in order to achieve desired financial reporting objectives. We will focus on understanding the link between underlying economic events and the information in financial statements, and on how this link affects our assessment of the firm.

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  • The purpose of this course is to provide users with critical skills to analyse public companies' financial statements from the investor's perspective. The course is designed to be extremely practical and current in nature, and is aimed at getting you well on your way to becoming an informed and sceptical user of financial reporting information and in turn, laying the framework for you to become a competent and confident investor. The course will primarily consist of the following three components : i pre-lecture notes that should be read prior to the class, ii the lecture slides that will be available at the beginning of the course; and iii current cases written, also available at the beginning of the course.

    Most of the cases will be in real-time so that we can simulate making investment decisions without the benefit of hindsight bias, and you can decide whether after our analyses you want to include the stock in your mock portfolio. PhD Seminar in Accounting 1. This course covers the main concepts, techniques, instruments and institutions involved in the private equity investment.

    We present a broad set of deals to gain familiarity with the private equity investment model and the opportunities set. Specific themes include: the structure and strategy of the private equity firm, valuation, financing, deal processing, and harvesting. The course stresses fundamental analysis to isolate value drivers and focuses on a disciplined approach to security analysis and valuation. It does this through the use of financial statements and the development of an analytical framework for understanding business performance and financial structure.

    The course shows how to use accounting information to produce a full financial model of the firm and how investors and analysts employ the financial model to appraise and value companies. The course covers several alternative methods of valuation and appraisal. The focus will be on the valuation of securities that embed credit risk. This includes, but is not limited to, corporate bonds, credit default swaps, credit indices, asset backed securities, emerging hard currency bonds, and capital structure.

    By the end of the course the students should have a sound understanding of i the trading conventions of these securities, ii determinants of the returns of the these securities, iii the role of fundamental analysis and structural models in identifying mispriced credit securities, and iv how risk and transaction costs affect your ability to build a portfolio of credit instruments. In addition to understanding the drivers of returns, risk and trading costs of credit related securities, the students will via 'hands-on' exercises develop investment skills via experiential learning.

    This course is aimed at individuals looking for a career in active asset management. Six reasons why fund finance is increasingly popular among private equity firms and why investors need to watch it closely. Find out more. Without formal regulatory oversight, can investors have confidence in so-called initial coin offerings? When a company changes hands, its finances appear to undergo an instant and dramatic change. By Aleksander A. This website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users.

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    Teaching and research that are nothing short of exceptional Excellence and rigour. Cutting-edge research. Faculty who are leaders in their field. We are a world-class research facility Accounting faculty carry out innovative research on a breadth of topics in financial accounting, managerial accounting, and corporate finance We continue to shape the future of accounting practice through active collaboration with the corporate world.

    Explore how managers use financial accounting information to communicate effectively with investors Find out how to use managerial accounting information to make better, more effective decisions Learn from and work with published faculty who feature on the editorial boards of the foremost accounting, finance and economics titles Equip yourself with the skills to create impact in our fast-paced financial world. Darren Bernard Assistant Professor of Accounting.

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    Experience Dr. View full profile. Aytekin Ertan Assistant Professor of Accounting. Alastair Lawrence Associate Professor of Accounting.

    Experience Professor Scott Richardson is a researcher and portfolio manager in AQR's Global Alternative Premia group, overseeing research in credit and fixed-income markets. James Ryans Assistant Professor of Accounting. Experience Professor Lakshmanan Shivakumar is a prolific and influential academic researcher, who has been invited to talk at universities and conferences in over 25 countries.