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This course returns to the remaining chapters of Freedom to Live to help students identify and develop an area of further interest. A main objective of this course is to give a working knowledge of the three value dimensions and develop a responsibility of furthering axiology. Assignments are designed to raise awareness of what is happening in the process of value judgment and apply the value dimensions in an area of personal interest.

Realizing a Vision for Global Values Education 5. Axiology III: Students choose one of two options for applying value science in work and life. Track one is a generic C.

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S option where students apply axiology in ethics, decision- making, conflict and problem-solving, and do projects associated with personal growth and development. Track two is completed with a partner organization who trains the student in proprietary applications of their value science products for the purpose of credentialing coaches and other business applications such as value profiling. The generic C.

S track course will seek accreditation from professional bodies in Europe such as the European Mentoring and Coaching Council who accredits many university and institutional courses to maintain standards in this burgeoning field. Axiology IV is a post-graduate certificate in professional development aimed at developing new contributions to a variety of professional fields with an axiological perspective.

It is designed as a free standing course issued by C. S or run concurrently with university masters and doctoral courses involving theses or dissertations in value science areas.

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This course will also be seeking formal credentials with existing universities as a path to the promotion of axiology. Any members currently pursuing masters or doctorates are urged to contact C. S and discuss how we can integrate this certificate with university offerings and see coursework in axiology offered in multiple locations.

Members can contact: info hartmaninstitute. The four courses answer the commercially viable aspect Hartman believed was important for developing an education center. Multiplying the education effort would only progress when the education packet included a research and development component. Axiology IV is a key to seeing this take root outside of our own borders of the Institute and our businesses. Students will have necessarily completed the foundational certificates as prerequisite to framing a research project structured by an axiological approach.

In addition to the certificates aimed at community, business, and existing university students, C. S will also seek to act as facilitators, advisors, and teachers for European universities interested in developing accredited courses in axiology.

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At the time of this writing, discussions with several individuals indicate interest for various research topics in medical, ethical, psychological, and leadership fields. Among the European membership, several indicated they would sign up for courses to complete gaps in their own knowledge base of axiology, lamenting they wished this was available when they joined. Current discussions are also under way with several universities for introducing a Foundations of Axiology course, and if approved this may begin as early as next spring.

The RSHI embodies a wealth of knowledge, experience, and specialized expertise in many areas. As Hartman reached out to contemporary experts in his time, C. S seeks to collaborate with the member resources of the Institute to provide first class entry into axiology and help pave the way for global education and so raise the bar of human values on a wide scale.

As university teaching and community education is embedded in the mission of the Robert S Hartman Institute, it is our ethical duty to complete the good Hartman began and seek avenues for mass education. Doing nothing is axiological astigmatism. Some Thoughts on Volume IV Ethics," undated we acknowledge the need for an extrinsic component complementing the man and his science.

Kindly allow me to provoke the Institute that bears the name of the man and carries his vision to meet the responsibility we collectively share to contribute to the realization of value education on a global scale. I am convinced, the wealth of experience, knowledge, and desire motivated from a common appreciation of Hartman that exists in the Institute, that we can do this. It began with three words, so now,! Bahm, Archie, J Axiology: Science of Values. Hartman, Robert S. The Structure of Value. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press. Edited by Arthur R. Mefford, David The New Science of Axiological Psychology.

Pomeroy, Leon and Contributors After five years of scientific research at the Institute of International Relations at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Germany, he received his PhD in political science in He then joined the international firm, Mercuri Urval, and worked in HR consulting for more than 6 years.


After gaining experience in the training business, he was appointed head of Southern German operations of a leading executive search company. In , he started his entrepreneurial career dedicated to reintroducing the work of Robert S. His company, profilingvalues, operates internationally with headquarters in Munich, Germany.

Ulrich Vogel is a member of the Board of the Robert S. Robert S. Hartman passed away prematurely in , having been only 63 years old. He produced a tremendous opus which has not yet been sufficiently explored. Whereas nearly all aspects of the Hartman Value Profile HVP have been thoroughly disclosed, many other materials still await their discovery. Official documents, entire unpublished book manuscripts, many pictures, his diaries, as well as endless hours of audiotapes from lectures and workshops are stored in about boxes inside hundreds of folders.

The list of items is very long. The compiled archive index alone comprises pages. This article gives an overview of the Hartman archives, delves into some of the materials in more detail, outlines plans for further exploration of the archives, and aims to stimulate the reader to visit the archives personally or to explore some materials within the member area of the Robert S. The cause recorded in the original Mexican document is as follows: Shock — irreversible no traumatico, Hemorragia aguda difusa intestinal. Irreversible non-traumatic shock, diffuse acute intestinal bleeding.

Much too early, one of the greatest scientists of all times had to end his earthly activities. However, intrinsically, he lives eternally according to his own value theory. Hartman believed that first the body, i.

The body needs to be transparent so that it is not an obstacle to this mission. Second, Hartman says that the world is good, but not perfect. God is perfect, and he has made the world.

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Thus, the world is not God, and accordingly, cannot be perfect. But the world is good, not bad. Hence, the world is actually pretty good and everyone can contribute with his or her own talents to make it an even better place to live. The imperfection of the world is easily seen and leads directly to the insurance principle.

We can statistically measure these flaws by looking at the casualties in street traffic, the mortality in our society, or the number of planes which crash compared to the ones which land safely. Therefore, Hartman pointed out the following at a recorded workshop with the management of Nationwide Insurance in The insurance business, he said, is not just a business, as in producing goods or services. The insurance business has a moral intention because we try to help fellow men who have gotten caught in the statistical flaw of the imperfection of our world and suffer disadvantages from it.

When I pay my insurance premium, I hope that I will not to get my money back. Thus, I literally give it to my neighbor who, perhaps, may need it.

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What a wonderful explanation of this kind of business is provided by Robert S. It is somewhat tragic that this! Galileo" of humanities, this far-thinking logician and philosopher, was a victim of the statistically measurable imperfection of the world in that he lacked the right medical treatment. Moreover, at the same workshop for Nationwide, he cited Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the great German poet, who at 82 years of age said to his secretary,!

However, we should meet our responsibility to help him to be reborn in another way, i. With the further exploration of his archives, we will make an important step in this direction.