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Last December, I bought a headstand bench and have been enjoying both doing headstands daily and guiding my yoga retreat participants, if they like, into using the bench to do the safest headstands ever.

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The bench is fantastic because it allows for zero pressure on the neck. In fact, it provides a great neck stretch, relieves the neck of all tension, and realigns the neck. If you love headstands, the bench is a must. If you dislike doing headstand or are frightened of headstand, the bench is a double must!

People get over their fear of being upside down very quickly when using the headstand bench. Lisa Latchford in a headstand using the headstand bench for the first time. Even upside down, you can tell she looks happy or is that gravity putting a smile on her face?

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The bench automatically requires use of abdominal and arm muscles, so it is very toning. You get nearly immediate results in feeling toned in the arms and abdominal muscles! Fountain of Youth: Ursula doing her headstand without the headstand bench. Fran in an inverted pose pair work with Mishel. Of course, there are reasons why you should not practice a headstand or other forms of inversions.

As you read the list below, and if you fit into one of these categories, do not despair!


You can always take your legs up the wall Viparita Karani Asana. You can also practice Standing Wide-Legged Forward Bend Prasarita Padottanasana , where there is zero pressure on your hands and your neck can just hang. Thanks for this! I have been a headstand junkie for years. So thank you! I have been practicing hands-free headstands and sharing them. Any are free to see Instagram. Hi everyone, I visit this article again. I have done it 20 minutes this morning.

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After completing my studies I opened a gym here in my town. Now with increased weight I still do headstand 20 minutes 4 days a week. My longest headstand time is now increased to 47 minutes in one go,I have done it on 14 june world yoga day. It calms my mind from tension. Now my wife also started doing it after I told her that it will reduce small wrinkles from her face she practice it 10 minutes everyday.

I am 34 years old and still font have any type of wrinkle on my face. Some metadata is used as supplementary content, such as the title, whereas other metadata controls how the block is converted, such as the block name. The AsciiDoc syntax provides a set of components for including non-paragraph text, such as block quotes, source code listings, sidebars and tables, in your document.

These components are referred to as delimited blocks because they are surrounded by delimiter lines e. Within the boundaries of a delimited block, you can enter any content or blank lines. The delimiters around the block determine the type of block, how the content is processed and converted, and what elements are used to wrap the content in the output. The boundaries of a delimited block must be balanced. In other words, the opening delimiter line must be the same length as the closing delimiter line.

When the processor encounters the previous example, it will put the remainder of the content in the document inside the delimited block without warning, currently. As far as the processor is concerned, the closing delimiter is just a line of content. If you want the closing delimiter to be matched, it must be the same length as the opening delimiter. The AsciiDoc Python processor did not require the delimiters to be balanced, but also never documented that this was permissible.

If the content is contiguous not interrupted by blank lines , you can forgo the use of the block delimiters and instead use the block name above a paragraph to repurpose it as one of the delimited block types. You can nest blocks inside each other. To nest blocks of the same type, add a pair of extra symbols to the delimiter. The following table identifies the built-in block names and delimited blocks syntax, their purposes, and the substitutions performed on their contents.

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Aside content that demands special attention; often labeled with a tag or icon. Anonymous block that can act as any block except passthrough or table blocks. This table shows the substitutions performed by each substitution group referenced in the previous table. The bulk of the content in a document is paragraph text. You can just start typing. In Asciidoctor, adjacent or consecutive lines of text form a paragraph element.

To start a new paragraph after another element, such as a section title or table, hit the RETURN key twice to insert a blank line, and then continue typing your content. This journey begins one late Monday afternoon in Antwerp. Our team desperately needs coffee, but none of us dare open the office door.

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Asciidoctor provides built-in roles to align the text of a paragraph. Since adjacent lines of text are combined into a single paragraph when Asciidoctor converts a document, that means you can wrap paragraph text or put each sentence or phrase on a separate line. This results in a visible line break e. You can also preserve line breaks using literal blocks , listing blocks , and verses.

Apply the lead style to any paragraph, and it will render using a larger font size. The lead style is assigned to the role attribute. You can set role using the long- or shorthand method. When you convert a document to HTML using the default stylesheet, the first paragraph of the preamble is automatically styled as a lead paragraph. To disable this behavior, assign any role to the first paragraph. Just as we emphasize certain words and phrases when we speak, we can emphasize them in text with formatting.

This formatting, such as bold or monospace, is indicated by surrounding letters, words, or phrases with simple markup. When Asciidoctor processes text enclosed by formatting markup, the markup is replaced by the corresponding HTML or XML tags, depending on your backend, during the quotes substitution phase. The original AsciiDoc processor calls this markup and its related features quotes , quotes substitutions , and quoted text. However, in the Asciidoctor documentation, we refer to the text formatting markup as, you guessed it, text formatting.

When you want to bold and italicize text, the bold markup must be the outermost markup. To tame the wild wolpertingers we needed to build a charm. But u ltimate victory could only be won if we divined the true name of the war lock. Single and double quotation marks are not rendered as curved quotation marks also known as smart, curly, typographic or book quotation marks. When entered using the ' and " key, Asciidoctor outputs straight dumb, vertical, typewriter quotation marks.

Kizmet shrugged. When entered with the ' key, Asciidoctor renders an apostrophe that is directly preceded and followed by a character, such as in contractions and possessive singular forms, as a curved apostrophe. This inconsistent handling of apostrophes and quotation marks is a hold over from the original AsciiDoc processor. An apostrophe directly bounded by two characters is processed during the replacements substitution phase , not the quotes phase.

This is why an apostrophe directly followed by white space, such as the possessive plural form, is not curved by default. To render an apostrophe as curved when it is not bound by two characters, mark it as you would a single curved quote. In the rendered output, note that the plural possessive apostrophe, seen trailing werewolves , is curved, as is the omission apostrophe before 60s. His desk overflowed with heaps of paper, apple cores and squeaky toys.

The preventing substitutions and passthrough sections detail additional ways to prevent punctuation substitutions. In order to make a possessive, monospaced phrase, you need to switch to unconstrained formatting and use an explicit typographic apostrophe. Subscript and superscript text is common in mathematical expressions and chemical formulas.

When rendered, the size of subscripted and superscripted text is reduced.

Subscripted text is placed at the baseline and superscripted text above the baseline. The size and precise placement of the text depends on the font and other stylesheet parameters applied to the converted document. Monospace text formatting is typically used to represent text shown in computer terminals or code editors often referred to as a codespan.

Monospaced text can be bold and italicized, as long as the markup sets are entered in the right order. The monospace markup must be the outermost set, then the bold set, and the italic markup must always be the innermost set. Unlike other markup languages, monospaced text in AsciiDoc is not synonymous with literal text. Instead, it gets interpreted just like normal text. This might be surprising at first. In AsciiDoc, you can take advantage of attribute references and inline macros inside of monospaced text span.

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The drawback, of course, is that you have to be careful to escape these special characters if you intend to output them literally.