Experiment at College Volume One: Five First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories

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I'm not sure what I had been expecting Staring at the time and not wanting four o'clock to come around anytime soon, I begin to make myself a ham sandwich with a side salad. Finishing up, I slowly drag myself to the kitchen table and start to eat, then I hear it, the key in the front door, what I've been dreading all day. My twin sister's sleepover is about to begin and I'm stuck in the same house with nowhere to go or hide. It really has not been that long since the first time I ever had sex with another woman.

I had never thought of it as revolting or anything like that. And in fact by the time I first did it I had fantasized about it and actually once made an attempt at it. Right after college I rented an apartment in New Orleans with one of my three closest friends, Rhonda, a sorority sister from college. I had just broken up with my boyfriend, and was feeling a bit lonely and horny. I got dressed up and went out to a new club in town hoping to meet a new guy. I was determined to get some though. Friday night and a rare thing was happening for me; I had the house completely to myself for the night.

Parents off at a great aunt and uncles 50th anniversary, sisters off at sleepovers, and little brother at our grandparents.

Moments like these often seem to end in a story. Of course I considered the usual, having a party, but after a few disasters and me being on my parents last ounce So my friend, Nora, and I have been really good friends since like 5th grade.

In October of senior year of high school we decided to have a sleepover with another one of our friends, Anne. I have thought since I was about 13 that I am bisexual, but I had never really been sure. I am pretty sedentary, but look okay I was in a daze, it had all happened so quickly. I had just had the most explosive sexual experience of my life at the hands, and tongue, of my best friend Abbey.

The uncontrollable vocal expressions of my sexual ecstasy had almost alerted her mum to the fact that we had been having sex. Amazing sex! At least I hope she hadn't heard me, that would be really awkward in the morning, and now, It was both hot and sensual as she cut the vibrator on and shoved it hard inside her wet cunt. Sara carried what little of her bags she could down the hall of the dorm to her room. Today was moving in day and she was very nervous. She had no help; Sara had made the trip to the university on her own.

She passed several other girls that were also moving in. She noticed that most of them were here age, eighteen and a freshman like her. She had to sit a couple bags down so she could open This is a true account of my first lesbian experience the one that turned me bi hope you enjoy :. That was when I started to watch lesbian porn. I really liked the naughty feeling I got from watching it. I felt strange, it made me really horny much more horny than when I watch straight porn. Then I had Kayla realises when you want something or someone bad enough, you stop at nothing to get it It was a cold and rainy morning, Kayla was walking to school with her head down as she walked past a group of other pupils.

She was a young girl who just turned sixteen, she was like most 16 year old girls really, fun and outgoing. But she was quite shy when she was alone with other crowds. Kayla had long blonde hair and nice blue eyes and a slim figure. She had no problem with It was the middle of summer our two kids were visiting their grandparents for the summer.

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It was nice having the house to ourselves for the two months they were gone. During this time we would live out our fantasies that we talked about during the first few years of our marriage and not I sat on a window seat, over looking the ocean. We had known each other since we were just 11 years old, and we have stayed best friends ever since. I am 22 years old with ample breasts and pert, young, pink nipples. My figure is curvy but my The Babysitter She gave a light tap on the door, knowing that there was a baby in the house probably trying to sleep.

The Sweet Seduction

The house had been silent so the sound startled the young mother who, up to now, had been playing through the infinite possibilities of the night ahead in her mind. The more she This story is from Christmas when I went to stay with friends in the country.

Marion was my baby sitter when I was a little girl and I have remained friends with her throughout my adulthood, even though she moved down to Somerset when I was in my teens. Marion has one daughter called Ruth who I met a couple of times when I was a lot younger but our paths never really crossed.

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My name is Jane, I'm 28 and I have brown hair and eyes. I live my roommate named Carrie who is also 28, but is a redhead. Anyway one Saturday we were both in our apartment just chilling together watching some TV and of course as always talking about our past boyfriends. That particular night, I just broke with boyfriend named Eric.

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Through my work, I regularly travel away from home and have to stay in Hotels up and down the Country great job, and nice work if you can get it! Whenever I can afford to spend some money on myself, I like to invest in a massage On this occasion, I was away for just one night, but whilst exploring the fabulous Hotel, I found a Tanya was still in the corner, fanning herself. This is surely going to be the best slumber party yet. If you guys need anything else, let me know. I thought I would share with you something that happened the other night when I held a little pyjama party at my flat.

There was me, my best friend Emma and Laura who is a bit more than a friend if you know what I mean. Emma is straight, but I think she has bicurious tendencies, but as far as I know never acted upon them. I had turned eighteen; went to university and had my first sexual experience with more than one girl.

At the time, I was seeing my best friend Gemma. Being a captive of a gargoyle-like creature results in something more that you can expect.

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I could only wonder how I was able to keep my sanity, but nonetheless, I was still sober and could think straight. I truly had no idea why I got here. Who would want to kidnap me and the main question — why?

I told her I thought we would end up making out

You can find individual mulberry trees that are dioecious—with only male flowers or only female flowers. But right next to such a tree might be a monoecious specimen, bearing both male or female flowers. And to add another veil of intrigue, sometimes It came for me in the night again, during the theta states; those moments I'm neither asleep nor lucid.

That alone begged all manner of questions; primarily that it couldn't be a dream. Dreaming only occurs in much later sleep stages, during the REM cycle.

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Every medical journal agreed. Yet this was the third such experience in as many weeks, each more thrilling and unsettling than the last. Growing up, my grandfather raised me after my parents died in a head on collision with a truck. He would tell stories about Blood Rose Mansion up on Snow Mountain that actually had the hairs on the back of my neck stand.

Those nights were sleepless ones as I lay in my bed, waiting and listening. Nothing ever happened as best as I could recall, until one fateful hot summer day, a day that The night was freezing and a lone woman picked up the pace. She was drenched, her heels clicking across the wet asphalt as she peered through the black.


Still, the dark man was behind. Slowly, gradually, he was beginning to catch up. Running wasn't an option unless her sinister pursuer suffered from a similarly debilitating case of asthma. She turned a corner. The moon was nearly hidden Claire was nineteen, soon to be twenty and a junior as was Kimberly. Dotty was a sophomore. She had just turned nineteen. All three were drama majors with a minor in sex. Claire took a sip from her latte, then A bolt of lightning lit up the window, illuminating the pouring rain outside. Audrey braced herself for the thunder that was sure to follow closely behind.

Remembering back to her childhood, she counted the time between the lightning strike and the thunder crash aloud. The next day, Ariadne got ready to go back to the village to talk to them and tell them about the ending the Lottery.

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Erinyes lit the torch again and showed her the way to the old door. After winding their way through the maze of the Labyrinth they reached the door. The Minotaur studied it for a couple minutes testing the chains that held it secure. Then he hooked on horn under a point in Something had brought a horrible blight to the woods. Could Severus do what was needed to free them?