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Maybe not the best example. But Elton Hunt is a very nice man, and I want you to give him a chance. So be on your best behaviour. With that she kissed me on the forehead and left me with my thoughts.

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The Hunt family was one of the most famous in the country. They were basically the Kennedys, two of them were in Congress and the Senate, and none of them had been President. And my mom was going to marry Elton Hunt? The man was in charge of the entire family fortune, he was known as the dealmaker of the family, the one who made all the money they earned to make more money and get more influence. Typical fourteen year old, right? She ran from end to end of our small apartment like a Roomba, aimlessly trying to make sure everything was perfect. I put on my nice dress and shoes, then spent the rest of the time studying for my math test the next day.

After all, Elton Hunt might have money, but I still needed good grades. At exactly ten past four we headed down to the lobby where a sleek, black BMW sedan was waiting for us. The seats were so soft, so plush, so comfortable. The drive to the Hunt estate in Weston only took about half an hour, and when we finally got there, I felt my jaw drop once more. We pulled through a security gate where the driver entered a code to get the gates to open.

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The driveway was at least three hundred feet long, lined with maple trees whose light brown and red leaves were just starting to fall gently onto the road in front of us. A cross between the old world style and the new, we pulled up past three full-sized garages, in front of a huge mahogany building that looked like a version of an old English estate home, but way more modern.

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Until now. I barely realized that I was on my tip-toes the whole time, on edge, trying not to make any sudden movements or do anything that would draw attention to me.

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My mom went up to the front door, and I followed sheepishly behind her, simultaneously trying to look around at everything while also trying not to make it obvious that I was staring. The front door opened noiselessly as we arrived on the stoop. That had to be magic.

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There was no way there was someone sitting there waiting for people to come up and opening the door for them. As soon as we entered, a man in a suit greeted my mom with a nod. I barely noticed him though; instead every single inch of the incredible foyer captured my attention, it was like something out of a Disney movie. The mahogany hardwood floors went perfectly with the light orange walls and white elaborate cornices.

A staircase lined with plush scarlet carpet led to the upper levels, and enormous rugs gave the whole room a cozy, warm feeling despite the enormous size and obvious wealth that had gone into it. Ressler, welcome. I smiled nervously. Tina, this is Mr. I wanted to giggle into my hands, this was all so formal, but I figured that would probably be frowned upon and tried to put on a serious face, like I understood the gravity of just being in this house. Hunt is currently in his study.

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Andrews told me, leading me towards a hallway on the left. Even the hallways in this place were elaborate. There were old portraits on the walls of people I assumed must have been Hunt ancestors, going back to what was obviously the 18 th century. Andrews as I noticed the date on one painting — His son William was instrumental in beginning the foundations of the movement that eventually led to the War of Independence, and it was after Massachussets and the rest of the thirteen colonies became the United States of America that the Hunt family truly became a household name, as it is likely that without George and William Hunt, the independence movement would never have received the steam that it did.

Being in this house, among these people, was like really being a part of history. Andrews led me out a large set of French double doors and into a perfectly manicured backyard. With that I sprang into the warm sunshine of the late afternoon onto the grass so springy it felt like I was walking on pillows. I made my way away from the house, not really realizing the true size of the estate. Strangely enough, I never saw a single sign of another person. I had been hoping for someone my own age to hang around with, but only the birds answered, chirping away that they were leaving soon to go somewhere warm for the winter.

After what must have been twenty minutes or so I gave up. The sun had been steadily dropping in the sky, and twilight was on its way. I wandered through the halls until I found someone, a woman in her 20s who had obviously been cooking given the amount of flour on her outfit. The girl laughed. Andrews know for you. Wandering through the halls, I came across Mr.

Andrews once I finally found the entrance hall, after at least fifteen minutes of wandering. I told a girl, and she told me not to worry, that Kiegan goes off on his own sometimes. Andrews sighed. He is a little bit of a free spirit that child. Well, no matter. With that I was led once again through the maze of halls, to a dining room with a huge table, rectangular and big enough for at least a dozen people. It was set for four, and I noticed Mr. Andrews subtly removing the cutlery from one of the spots.

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I supposed Kiegan must have been expected for dinner. I sat down at one of the seats and a couple minutes later my mother came in, followed by a man with hair that was just starting to grey at the temples but was still thick. He had one of those chiselled faces that you knew must have been good looking years ago, and a confidence that made him seem younger. Toggle navigation.

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